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In the field of modular laparoscopy instruments, we have developed our own modular tube shaft system. This results in a long service life of the individual components as well as high comfort and precision during assembly and disassembly.

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Endosurgical instruments for laparoscopy

Modular laparoscopic instruments

The modular laparoscopy instruments are our most popular tube shaft instruments. With a variety of working inserts, different shaft tube lengths and diameters, with or without LUER Lock flushing connection, and 10 compatible plastic handles as well as a further 6 axial handles made of metal, the user is offered a wide range of combination options here.

3-part modular laparoscopic instruments, shaft Ø 5 and 10 mm

3-teilige modulare Laparoskopie-Instrumente

Our modular laparoscopic instruments are a disassemblable tube shaft system developed by ourselves. You could also say that there are two systems. This is because the instruments with Ø 5 and 10 mm tube shaft are 3-part, while the instruments with Ø 3 mm tube shaft are 2-part.

2-part modular laparoscopic instruments, shaft Ø 3 mm

In our 3-part laparoscopic instruments with Ø 3 mm tube shafts, the working insert and tube shaft form a single unit.

Working inserts for modular laparoscopic instruments

Choose from a variety of working inserts such as: scissors, graspers, grasping forceps, clamps, biopsy cups, hook punches and needle holders. The graphic below shows only a small range of our product portfolio, which has grown over the decades.

Plastic and metal handles for modular laparoscopic instruments

You will find ergonomic ring handles made of highly rigid plastic as well as axial handles made of metal. Again, just a small excerpt from our program. Further handles, for example, without HF connections, spreading springs or ratchets can be found in our catalog in the download area.

Full compatibility in the BEMA system!

All handles fit all tube shafts.


Integral laparoscopic instruments

In the field of non-dismountable laparoscopic instruments we produce a small but fine range of surgical tools. Grown to customer requests and user needs, you will find in our catalogs, among others, needle holders with carbide inserts as well as fan retractors and cholangiography fixation forceps in various lengths and designs.

Integrale Laparoskopie-Instrumente

BEMA MEDICAL - Endosurgical instruments in validated quality.

Our company is certified according to EN ISO 13485.
There is also registration with FDA and 510k for Class 2b products.

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