BEMA MEDICAL – Your partner in medical technology

BEMA implements customer ideas with commitment, know-how and expertise. BEMA has a modern and well coordinated production environment, which is continuously adapted to the requirements of the latest production technology.

Our Products

In the field of modular laparoscopy instruments, we have developed our own modular tube shaft system. Our products are characterised by a long service life of the individual components, high comfort and precision during assembly and disassembly.


The modular laparoscopy instruments are our most produced tubular shaft instruments.


Punching, shearing, spooning and grasping forceps – for arthroscopy.


Punching, shearing, spooning and grasping forceps – for sinuscopy.

Our services

BEMA is a specialist in this field and is not only able to manufacture all conceivable products to its customers’ specifications in first-class quality, BEMA is also an experienced developer of successful product ideas and is at your side with many years of experience to advise you.